Equipment List

The list of equiment on this page is intended to be a guide as to what each participant should have with them for any walk undertaken with us.


All participants will need to wear footwear suitable for the upland terrain of the British Isles, these usually being walking boots or shoes. Much of the moorland found in the Peak District and Pennines is wet year round, this should be a consideration when selecting footwear.
Pairing your footwear with gaiters can help to keep your feet dry, and stop mud & plant matter from ending up inside your footwear.

Walking Poles

Not everyone uses poles, however they can be very helpful for providing that extra bit of support on uneven ground while also sharing some of the load to your arms rather than it all being through your legs. If you carry walking poles please ensure that you can carry them in or on your rucksack for when you do not require them.


A rucksack of between 20 and 35 litres should be sufficient for everything you will normally require for a walk to an aircraft crash site.

Waterproof Layer

A waterproof jacket and over trousers are essential year round, in summer a set of light weight waterproofs intended for trail running may be more suitable than heavier hardshells intended for the much wetter and colder times of year. Whatever you bring it needs to fit over any clothing you are wearing and keep you dry for an extended period, even the best waterproofing materials eventually allow water in so you may still get wet, it’s just you will be less uncomfortable.

Warm Layers

Such as a fleece jacket and/or softshell, if we stop for any length of time you will begin to cool down so it is essential that you carry some additional layers to put on when we stop e.g. at a crash site or for a food stop.

Hat & Gloves

Warm hat, thin and thicker pair of gloves. In sunny conditions a hat to protect from the sun should be carried.


At any time of year you can find yourself out in the dark, a headtorch with a spare battery or two will allow you to see where you are going when the sun goes away.

Food and Drink

You must carry sufficient food and water to undertake the expected duration of walk plus a small amount for contingencies. If it’s a cool day bring a flask of something hot will be very useful.


If you carry any medication which is to be used during a normal day or in the event of medical incident you must carry this with you.

Spare Clothing

Always bring a change of clothing to leave at the start point for if we get wet during a walk, including just wet feet.